paparazzi - Just sh   t me!
Why hire paparazzi for your event?
*  adds a creative, personal touch.
*  instant party favors.
*  hours of entertainment for your guests.
*  your event will be the buzz around town
   and will make a lasting impression.
How does it work?
Very Simple! Walk up to photo booth. Your guests will see themselves on the screen. Press the big red button and the screen will countdown (visually and verbally). There are 3 photos taken approximately 5 seconds apart. Each picture will pop up on the screen so you can make any pose adjustments. When finished, you exit and wait for your photos to print in less than 20 seconds. Super easy, fast and fun!
How many people can fit in the photo?
Paparazzi has no boundries! As many as you can squeeze in.
How much space should I set aside for the booth?
An area of 5 feet by 10 feet will allow your guests to use the booth comfortably.
Are there any special electrical requirements for the booth?
No. A standard electrical outlet is all it takes to power the booth.
Can I have my event logo/information printed on the photo?
Absolutely! You just provide us with the logo or information and we will make it happen.
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